Monday, July 27, 2015

Parallel Parenting a short overview. When Co Parenting is Impossible!

Along with being a psychotherapist and marriage and family counselor, I also for over 20 years have been a parenting educator, and for almost 27 years a parent myself. 

I work with families on various parenting issues, the most difficult are my court referrals (Carlsbad Counseling Center is on the San Diego Superior Court Resource list ). 
The court very often wants parent to co parent even in high conflict situations. I always say, if that were possible then most of the couples would still be together.. 

I wanted to share an article by Deena L Stacer, Ph.D. in which she shares the basics of Parallel Parenting. 

Parallel Parenting by Deena L Stacer, Ph.D

Dr. Stacer, Ph.D. has done a wonderful job of explaining the process and the mental paradigm shift that Can happen.

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