Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Activity is the therapy of choice for your Body and Mind.

This month is Diabetes Awareness Month, in reading about this disease the role of exercise kept coming up. When you read about depression Exercise is a great way to help get the chemicals in the brain going in a positive direction. Food can used to comfort and to suppress our emotions which then can lead to health and mental depression and illness'.  This increases the need for movement and activity.
I have clients that we meet in a quiet area and walk while we are talking. This  helps with nervous energy and learning to pace your emotional energy into a positive outlet.
Medications are an important part of the overall treatment of physical and mental health issues, but they do not need to be the first line of attack.
Ask your psychotherapist if you can walk and talk, ask your Dr. if you can get a prescription for a health gym or join a walking group.
Exercise is not the answer, but it can be a larger part of the solution to many issues we face.
We have all read the tips on how to get more steps in. Park away from your destination, walk the stairs and many more. Start today with simple stretching when you first get up. ANYTHING to engage your body into your process of Living.
If you are interested in knowing more about walking therapy or Activity as medicine. Please feel free to contact me at: KendallWagnerMFT@CarlsbadCounselingCenter.com or call (760) 434-9694.
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