Monday, September 26, 2016

Guidelines before you try online (telehealth) counseling. It's a great option, but know what to look for.

Online psychotherapy is legal and can be as helpful as meeting a psychotherapist in person. There are a few things that you must ask and be aware of first.
1. If you are in California your online therapist must be in and licensed in California.
this applies to most states.

2. The therapist must make provisions for privacy and confidentiality not only of location of where to be when working online but also the medium that the therapist uses.

3. Please know that online counseling can be as intense and as hard as in person work.

I was watching Dr. Phil today and he mentioned the ability to seek physical and mental health online. Although this is true, please know like many areas, this is an emerging field and many have jumped on the bandwagon without the training and understanding of both the state and professional standards and ethics.

I waited until the state and professional leadership clarified and standardized online Telehealth Counseling.

If you are interested in seeking care online and you are in California, please feel free to call or email me at
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Kendall Wagner,MFT

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Your Child online. What you should know. Kendall Wagner, MFT Clinical Director of the Carlsbad Counseling Center

    I am going to sound very old here and that is ok. Technology continues to move at a fast pace and like most things creativity and pushing the envelope to create new applications and programs is a younger persons calling.
     I watched 48 Hours last night, it was about our children and cyber security, abductions and pedophiles. Wonderful television watching for a Saturday night. They mentioned and there are several ways to check on your children's Internet usage. Years ago, the idea was keep the family computer in the living room or where you can watch and see it, preventing unknown activity. Then, the next step was to let parents know what the acronyms were that we saw on our children's computers. Unfortunately we are in a new era and most kids do not use computers they use smart phones and tablets or laptops. There are some great programs and collaboratives between government and non profits to help educate parents and students alike.

     There is one factor that I see in my office, online and thru out our struggle with cyber safety. YOU must not be afraid of your child. I am not talking about physically afraid but the emotional blackmail our children can use. What I hear even more often is My Child won't let me. WHAT!!!!??? In a world where we want them to succeed and see all that they have to do, we have become afraid to set boundaries and stay the parents out of fear they will be too emotional to succeed or we will have to come out of our comfort zone to parent.
     I am not talking about 100% lock down, that does make children hide even more, but having an understanding of how the internet and other online platforms will be treated within the family, by everyone in the family. These guidelines must be practiced and clarified before there is an issue. For example, you do not buy a fire extinguisher for you home once there is smoke, you have it ahead of time just in case. This is how all family rules should be, practiced and modeled before our children become ready for the phone or cyber-life.
     Practice what you preach, do you get angry if your child picks up your phone, reads a text or possibly comes across a picture that you are not proud of? Set the bar early, practice your level of morality online and modal this for the children. When it is time to log in to their accounts and walk along side them, it is not out of lack of trust but how the family does the online portion of their lives.
     If this hits a chord, you feel it is already too late or you would like more information and or guidance, feel free to email my your questions or concerns : or leave a private confidential voicemail: 760-434-9694