Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Stress and the Debates: Think of it as preparation for our family holidays, especially if you are co-Parenting.

The statisticians and and APA have come out with the (no surprise) fact that this years elections are causing stress and anxiety in the American people. I have spoken to several people across the globe and we are not the only ones. BUT for now, lets focus.
Watching the adults in charge or soon to be in charge, arguing, fighting, lying and not putting the country's good first is very stressful.. As a long term licensed psychotherapist with a focus on Marriage and family as well as a certified parent educator, this reminds and mirrors the couples across the country and in my office that I see everyday. They are so focused on the negative ad campaigns that they do not stop and think about the children , their children listening and watching.

It is so hard to focus on the positive in your own camp or home, fears you will lose the love of your child if they see the good in the other. This election cycle IS the cautionary tale of a divorced family.

If you are struggling with anxiety due to this or any issue, if you are a parent dealing with the war of custody, please feel free to contact the Carlsbad Counseling Center, we have therapists and parent educators here to help. (we are also on the San Diego Superior Court Resource List)
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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Forgiveness and Marriage

I do not usually post just pics to this blog, but a local church has this on their signage and had to snap a pic and share. Practicing forgiveness stops a lot of fights in their tracks. Power and Control are huge issues for every human, even more so in a marriage. Forgiveness is not the same as forgetting or accepting it the issues are significant, I am referring to the everyday bickering couples can go thru and create.
The picture isn't the best, but the message is perfect.