Sunday, March 26, 2017

What is MBT and why is it helpful.

Back in Grad school, therapists would say I am an eclectic therapist. Unfortunately, what that means is you didn't want to commit to a specific therapeutic path and or didn't know what you were doing. For most the first is true. There is no specific one size or treatment modality fits all. There are branches that work in some fashion for a variety of issues and populations.
I only do evidenced based treatments and therapies in my practice. This means I use clinical frameworks and modalities that have been tested over time with various populations.
I have spoken about them in other blog posts. There is one underlying theme for all of my work, that is attachment and a developmental framework. This does not mean we spend all of our time looking at your childhood or parent bashing, what it does mean is we acknowledge the impact on your development, view of the world and coping skills that were impacted and influenced due to childhood experiences.
With some clients we use MBT.
MBT is (Mentalization Based Treatment), we help you see how others view you on the outside and how others may be viewing the world from their insides. When our emotions are overwhelming we tend to forget that the rest of the world is not right there with us.. Or reacting the way we would. This can and does cause poor mentalization, ( a clear assessment of the wholistic view of the situation and those involved.).
Together we work on challenging perceptions and move away from reactions and toward  more accurate responses.

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