Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pure O.... OCD yes even children can have it.

This is a short blog as the links are very helpful. I have been aware of this for several years, but it is now only getting the recognition that it should.  Pure O(bsessive) are intrusive usually sexual and or violent thoughts.This "type" of OCD known as Pure O can be very scary when it is seen in children as young as 6 or 7. BUT it is important to get the proper diagnosis and be aware of how to talk to the client in ways that do not exacerbate the situation or avoid.. Exposure Therapy is very helpful. Parents at times are upset that I may be talking to a child about very adult topics, yet if that is the subject of their intrusive thoughts, that is exactly where I need to start.
Here are a few links that may be helpful.

If you think this might be you or your child, please do not panic, talk to your pediatrician and let them know what you think this is.. Due to the graphic nature of the intrusive thoughts many uninformed physicians and therapists incorrectly assume the thoughts must be from some type of sexual or physical trauma. In the absence of any other indicators. Pure O must be ruled out before more invasive tests and diagnosis are confirmed.

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