Sunday, August 20, 2017

DBT Group Starts in September 2017

8 week Emotion Efficacy Therapy
 protocol available with Kendall Wagner, MFT
EET combines the best of DBTACT and exposure therapy to help you implement new coping strategies even when under stress or in Crisis.
Starting September, 2017.  You must be able to commit to the whole 8 weeks. If you know ahead of time, you will be gone for one meeting, we can set up a time to go over the missed materials and techniques. The cost is $320.00 , you may pay weekly at $40 per week.
This course is and may be used to meet anger management class requirements and or a part of the out patient substance treatment program.
    760 434-9694 (call/text)

Out Patient Substance Abuse Program: Carlsbad Counseling Center

Carlsbad Counseling Center offers an out patient Substance Abuse/treatment Program. Our program is on the court referral list and completion of the program is accepted by the San Diego Superior Court.
I would like to provide an overview for those that may be interested, thru the courts or seeking out treatment on their own. This program attempts to reduce the cost of treatment by incorporating  attendance at certain free programs. 
Our program is a minimum of Three Months with many seeing the program as a six month commitment. The duration is decided between the client, the center and if there is a court order, what the court time-frame has required.
The first step in an intake appointment. We go over why you are wanting to enroll in the program, your history of substance use and what you are hoping to get out of the process.
Each Client is required to meet at the center for one Individual appointment per week, along with this each client commits to two self help meetings a week. One of them must be a SMART meeting. The other may be a traditional 12 step.. 
There is a requirement to focus on sober living and self growth. If court mandated there will be random drug testing. Usually only one or two times thru the program.

If you or someone you love would like to work on changing your way of coping and doing life, please feel free to call or email for a private consultation.
                                                            Kendall Wagner, MFT
                                   Clinical Director
                          Carlsbad Counseling Center