Saturday, November 25, 2017

Ways Children can learn social skills between children.

A long time ago I wrote about the importance of sleep overs and playdates. I just came across this great article and wanted to share.. It sums of the struggles and hopefully will get you thinking of how to be creative and find ways for our children to socialize with out parental organization..
Our Playdate Society

Kendall Wagner, MFT is the director and a parent educator at the Carlsbad Counseling Center.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Couples Therapy: a great Article ...

I have always worked with couples and over the last few years my practice has become primarily couples focused.  Here is a great article written by another Emotionally Focused Therapist Angela  Bisignano, Ph.D.  The Secrets to Lasting Love

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving and Christmas and YOU!

I wanted to share. a "how not to be that person" tip. There are so many stressful issues around the holidays. Between holiday blues, percipitory anxiety and just plan not wanting to be there... there is one way to not add to the issues..

Let your family know today if you have any eating or food issues. 
1.If you are on a diet:                   Be off it for the day.. 

2.If you have food preferences:   Be Adventurous for the day

3. IF you have real dietary issues: Let them know now or bring a dish you can eat. I have been this person in the past and I know others that either can't eat or have issues. Let your host know now... so they are not caught off guard and you can plan ahead. 

As for how to deal with the relies that you are going to be triggered by... treat them like acquaintances. Not the family they are... You will feel better in the long run.. :) 

Happy Holiday Marathon!