Monday, October 22, 2018

Custodial Parents and emotions (Reunification Therapy part 2) At least 10 thoughts...

As the custodial parent you have been there for your child, supported them, protected them and been both mom and dad while on an emotional roller coaster. You have done this while dealing with your own emotions over the impact situations have had on your child(ten) and yourself... You may be dealing with heartbreak, loss and financial and survival concerns...
NOW a judge has said you have to help bring the other (non custodial) parent back into your child's life. Your first few instincts, thoughts and emotions are probably.
1. NO WAY.. after what she(he) did?
2.They are not safe.. the court does not understand.
3. My child does not want to see them.
4. After all I am dealing with... I do not want the court to take my child
5. I have made promises to my child... to keep him safe.
6. I do not know if I can handle this now...
7. We have gotten into a routine...
8. The NCP hasn't changed or shows any sign of wanting help.
10. Fear that the court is now dictating how to handle these personal parental decisions.

As part of the Reunification Process, the therapist will meet with you on several occasions and help you process the thoughts, concerns and usually outrage. You will also benefit from having your own therapist that the RT can work with... I call all of this parental PTSD... and you do need support to help you through this.

Here is a the VIDEO

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