Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Reunification Therapy : A non-custodial parents journey

I have uploaded the third in the series. This is painful for all parties and especially for the children. 
Here are the main points of the VLOG.

struggles and misconceptions of and with the non custodial parent

1. Only my ex doesn't want me to see the children.
2. the kids will be thrilled and happy
  a:depending on circumstance.. maybe not
  b:alliance with the custodial parent
3. I am angry and the kids need to know why I haven't been here... (focus not on      the kids)
4. more then just meeting.. lots to process thru and how to move forward. 
5. listen to the conjoint therapist and your own as you move forward. You may know your child better but the specialists know the dynamics of the impact of custody and visitation has on children. 

Do not pass up an opportunity to see children supervised or not.
BE persistent.

These are the notes I used in making this vlog. 

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